About McCallen Defense


My name is Chris McCallen, I am the owner and gunsmith at McCallen Defense.

I have worked on firearms since 2005 when I bought my first Glock. Now I work on all types of new and old guns. I am proficient in the AR platform, rifle and pistol. As well as Glock and Sig platform pistols. I enjoy competing in various shooting competitions, two of which are Long Distance and Action Shooting International.

Between my father’s influence, my love for this country and what it stands for, also, growing up playing video games, my passion for guns began when I was a child. I especially enjoy making video game / movie gun replicas for myself as well as for customers. I grew up building Gundam models and have been painting / airbrushing since 1998 which helps me to take your ordinary firearm and put your personal touch to it.

I love being in this industry and having my wife work with me when she can. We hope to be able to grow to leave this business to our kids one day. We are faithfully walking through the doors that God opens for us.

John 3:16